Never underestimate the importance of removing stuff you don’t need.

Encouragement provides us with motivation to persevere. It invites us to dream dreams of significance for our lives. And it begs us to work diligently with optimism and promise.

Overcoming the pull of consumerism is a difficult challenge regardless of our stage in life. Simplicity requires encouragement. To that end, I hope you will find motivation in these articles below.

Each post was intentionality chosen to inspire simplicity in your life. For maximum effect, find a quiet moment this weekend and enjoy them with a fresh cup of coffee or tea.

Your Desk Will Not Attend Your Funeral | Medium by Todd Brison. When you close your eyes for the last time, the only remnants of a life once lived will be a box, varying in size and style, and the people you affected positively.

I gave up TV, then qualified for Olympic marathon trials and got my PhD | The Washington Post by Teal Burrell. A few years ago, I realized — despite feeling constantly frazzled and busy — that I wasted hours clicking through shows I barely liked or bingeing on series I’d already seen.

Next boss: We’re losing sales because people don’t want to buy more ‘stuff’ | Evening Standard by Jonathan Prynn & Clare Hutchinson. These numbers demonstrate the continuing trend towards spending on experiences away from ‘things.’

What if All I Want is a Mediocre Life? | A Life in Progress by Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui. The world is such a noisy place. Loud, haranguing voices lecturing me to hustle, to improve, build, and grasp for more. But what if I just don’t have it in me? What if all the striving for excellence leaves me sad, worn out, depleted?

How To Kill Your Phone Addiction with 4 Settings, 1 Hair Band, & Post-It Note | Digital Telepathy by Brad Soroka. Because drastic times call for drastic measures.

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