Yay the mirror is here and it makes all the difference in the powder room! I tell yah.

I ended up getting it from my friend Jesse at Scout & Nimble. Let me tell you a little bit more about Scout & Nimble which is a beautiful online home furnishings store. I love how the name Scout & Nimble was inspired by her grandmother (click HERE to read). I read the story years ago on my friend Jesse’s blog. There is such a thing of being a family business online too and Jesse’s business Scout & Nimble falls into that category.

I will also be a room designer for Scout & Nimble but will get into that in another post probably on Monday.

Lets get back to the powder room and that gorgeous new gold arched mirror I’ve wanted for so long. I really had my heart set on this piece of room jewelry. (you can find it HERE)


mirror HERE | sink HERE | pop-up drain HERE | faucet HERE | similar vanity marble top HERE | lighting HERE | cabinet door HERE | similar towel HERE and HERE | towel ring vintage and you can find a similar one HERE | basket HERE and my tassel tutorial HERE, handmade soap HERE and HERE | click HERE for the stencil DIY and you can buy the stencil HERE and HERE now


You can’t deny that it looks so so good right? I mentioned that I didn’t like the old one because of the cut-outs and how hard it was to keep clean. But not even considering that, the thin gold frame and graceful curves of the top arch make the room feel so much lighter and brighter which is so needed in this dark windowless little room.

Here is a photo of what the room looked like with the other mirror (click HERE to see the post and HERE, HERE and HERE for the other powder room posts):

custom black and gold vanity light


toilet paper holder HERE


Don’t you guys agree that this beautiful mirror really is the cherry on top?

I will get more into details about Scout & Nimble and what it means to be a room designer on Monday.

Talk to you soon.




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