The kitchen cabinets for the flip house in Vegas will arrive in a few weeks. In addition to the main cabinetry that surrounds the big appliances (range, refrigerator, etc.) I added a series of tall cabinets on an unused wall and included two pantries, one for food and the other to house bulk items and small appliances.

In my kitchen in California, I store small appliances in a cabinet hidden under the peninsula. It’s there that my blender, mixer, ice cream maker, and food processor live. Seeing a toaster or coffee maker or tea kettle if plain sight doesn’t bother me, in fact they can make a kitchen look more lived in. And if you use them every day, why put them away? I don’t have a colorful mixer but I also like those out on display, they are always cheerful to look at.

I found several attractive solutions for storing small appliances, including clever hutches and cabinets, appliances garages, and some well designed pantries too.



better homes & gardens



this old house



better homes & gardens



bunker workshop



crisp architects



keystone millworks



better homes & gardens






flavin architects



jute home








I’m always curious how people organize their kitchens. Where in your kitchen do you store your small appliances?


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