In last week’s podcast, I discussed healing your own resentments.  This week, we turn to dealing with your spouse’s resentments.  Let’s be clear:  really, this is about helping your spouse to heal resentments.  You can’t actually do the healing.  You can only help.

Once you address your own resentments, you know part of the secret:  resentment comes from anger, unresolved.  Anger comes from hurt, unresolved and unaddressed.  Which leads us back to helping your spouse find healing — tracking back to anger, but really back to hurt.

If you want to reconnect, start with dealing with resentments.  Otherwise, the hurt/anger/resentment continues to poison the relationship.  It is the systemic infection that keeps the marriage hurting.

Ready to do what you can to deal with your spouse’s resentments?  Listen below. . .

Healing Your Resentments
Save The Marriage System (Including Anger/Resentment Module)

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